Art has been a constant for me. I gained clarity on my wont to follow a creative path early on and pursued a formal education with a BA in Fine Arts. I was afforded a strong start in architectural and lifestyle photography at the iconic Max Dupain and Associates before journeying through a diverse catalogue of photography positions across several of Australia’s prominent art and cultural institutions in Sydney, Canberra and Melbourne.

Looking to change direction, I decisively made the move into interior photography as an entrepreneur. Finding quick success, the business graduated naturally into interior styling after a short time.

My insight across the legion of interior and architectural spaces I’ve worked in and on over the past 15 years fuelled my interest into a more self-directed artistic pursuit and Still&All was born.

Still&All is my eclectic little art emporium. Showcasing my personal work, prominent artists of the 20th century, art objects and a platform to professionally produce, print and frame for artists, photographers, illustrators, stylists and akin. 

Curating the collections is my enduring obsession and bowerbird past time. Sourcing artwork or objects that can centrepiece an interior space and elevate it into something remarkable and thoughtful and rich in legacy is hugely satisfying and something I'm really proud of.

I hope you enjoy the collections as much as I do.