"I jokingly told my husband to buy me the From Above II photo for Mothers Day this year. Much to my amazement, he obliged! It was the best mothers day gift I’ve ever received. It hangs in our bedroom and gives the entire room a beautiful sense of calm, peace and balance.

We get comments from everyone that sees it, and I know I will treasure it forever."


"We have Paths II hanging over our mantelpiece at home. It's the first thing people see when they walk into the room, and everyone always stops and comments about how they think it's 'their beach'... ( it's yet to be). I understand what they mean, I grew up near the beach and it reminds me of sitting in the dunes watching the waves roll over and over and your mind just slips into a meditative state. It's like you can smell and feel the beach just looking at it.

We love it. Thanks Deb for capturing a simple pleasure so beautifully."