Co-create and collaborate; your unique and original artwork and our 20+ years of expertise in analogue and digital production.

We can scan your 35mm and 120 film positives and negatives to produce high resolution files ready for digital post production, restoration or colour grading.

We can digitally frame your artwork and place in-situ with a myriad of virtual styling options or just add some razzle-dazzle effects to your liking.

Or perhaps something isn't technically quite right with your file, maybe it's too small to print to the size you're after, or the file type or bit depth or colour space aren't compatible and you're not sure how to resolve it; let us review your file before you send it off to our Upload service.

We've been doing this work for decades and there's a solution for (almost) every problem.

Get in touch to discuss what we can do to help.

Post Production Price Guide

File Management (15min increments)

$150 per hour

Standard Retouching (15min increments)

$150 per hour

Advanced Retouching (15min increments)

>$200 per hour

Film Scanning (35mm & 120 only)

>$12 per image